Thursday Tip'

How to organize your necklace

I love jewelry especially necklace, and since my room doesn't have that many drawers where I could arrange my necklaces one by one, I needed an idea to organize them in a way where all of them would be visible, easy to grab, and a great way to keep the necklaces from being tangled (I am sure we all have experience that moment of "tangled necklace")
So I went to the store to check out the options but none of them really convinced me. As I was staring at my unused white wall I came up with the idea of hooks so I decided to go to home depot and see the options, and I found these awesome sticky hooks from "Command", they are damage free hanging solution. I've had mine for more than 3 months, they are super resistant, and I wanted to show you that they really are damage free so I unstick one (you will see in the pic above) and no marks at all (but I still advice to do a trial in an area that is not visible) 
I placed my hooks next to my main mirror so I can try them on and if I am not happy I can hang it right back. This made my life easier for sure, I see all I have now, no tangle and it looks pretty cool.

Here is the website where you can purchase the hooks : command hooks