*The comfiest fashion trend Ever*

Yup, I am talking about Palazzo pants, they are back and are amazing for couples of reasons :

1 It basically feels like you are wearing your "pajamas" outside your bedroom

2 Since it's a loose fitting, it flatter wider thighs and hips

3 They are super lightweight and airy, perfect for me since I live in Florida

4 They create the illusion of being taller thanks to the high waist 

5 Even Petite women can rock the look if one gets the style right, heels + tucked in top

Couple of tips : 
-Make sure to pick silk or silk like material, something like jersey will not work at all
-Try to wear it with a fitted top, since the pants are baggy, it will be a good balance
-Add some contrast necklace or belt 
-Try to pair them with heels or wedges or pretty sandals, something like flip flop will really give the pajamas look !

Hope you enjoyed this styling tip, feel free to contact me if you have any questions