J CREW ~ t shirt

Hello, so today was a very exciting day, finally went to Gatorland in Orlando, it was awesome and guess what, you can actually purchase ticket to sit on a gator, how cool, so of course I love adventure so I had to do it, and I was actually scared when I was queuing but once I sat on it, the fear was gone, how many times you get a chance to feel how it feels to sit on a gator, so if you happen to be their I def recommend it to you :)

And for the look, I love this t shirt, so appropriate for where I live (Florida) & for those who didn't understand it says "Sunshine all year" in french. I just followed the colors on my tee for the accessories.

PS : sorry for the bad quality pictures, I took only a few pics since it was extremely hot today, didn't felt like posing :)