*Ultra Epic Weekend*

Hello loves, hope you are doing great, so here is a summary of the crazy week I had with my sisters from another mother literally (they are my sis in law), the best girls I could go with for a music festival because good company does matter!
This was my first music festival, I love electronic music so ULTRA was ideal, and being surrounded by people that shares the same passion makes your experience 10000 times better.
If you have never been, I highly recommend it, you have to experience it once in your life. I am loving this music fest experience so looking forward to go again but this time it will be Tomorrowland, I heard it's amazing!


-I basically bought the clothes, bathing suits and accessories from Forever 21, they have great trendy stuff for festival at a very affordable price because trust me you don't want to wear your good clothes or shoes because they get super dirty.
-Must wear close toe shoes because people step on your feet.
-Have a very light bag or backpack because you want to be free so my suggestions would be the strict necessity, phone, cash, and your ticket.
-Most importantly be yourself, and enjoy the music!