*My 20 Beauty Facts*

Reveling my 20 beauty facts ... click on the brand for direct link to the product:

1- I mix Light with Medium Tan shade from Bare Minerals Matte to have the perfect foundation for my skin..... I don't have a flawless skin but it helps me to reach it :)

2-I mix shade 355 with 340 from Make up forever as concealer and imperfections

A little note about that, I live in Florida so I tan often so having two shades helps me find the perfect color for my skin, add more of the darker shade when tan and vice versa...

3- I use Bourjois Liner Feutre as eye liner but Maybelline Master precise  is also a great option.

4- Mac Kohl Pencil in the inner eye as you notice I love dark make up, gives it a mysterious look, at least that's what I think.

5-Mac Paint Pot for eye shadow, and I then add another layer of black eyeshadow from Urban Decay

6- I slightly wet my eye shadow brush so I don't put the eye shadow all over my face

7- I don't pluck my eye brows, one because I don't like pain and two I actually like bushy eye brows, so I just pluck the extra's in between because don't want to end up with a unibrow... And I use any black pencil to intensify and fill the gaps 

8- My favorite brand of the moment for lipstick is velvetine from Lime Crime

9-I use Bioderma Crealine H2O as make up remover

10- I apply this lotion whenever I get a pimple of my face 2==> Kiehl's toner, I totally stoled it from my husband, it works great on me. 

11- I use homemade ghee ( refined butter) and massage my body with it when my skin is extremely dry, you smell like a walking fried bread so I apply it in the evening after showering and let it penetrate a little bit before going to bed.

12- I apply a big amount of coconut oil in the hair, wear a shower cap on top of it and I apply heat on it with a hair dryer to open the hair cuticle, do it for 15-20 minutes and wash it off, my hair become more silky

13-I use this Calor rotative brush to do my hair, sorry loves but this awesome product is only available in France, it's very sad but true and I need a 50 pound volt converter in oder to use it at home only because can't carry my converter everywhere....

14- I use GHD flat iron whenever I want the straight hair  look

15- I apply Burt's bees Hand Wax on my hand before bed and wear Earth Therapeutics gloves

17- Beauty comes from within also, I am lucky enough to be exposed to Indian spices and I totally take advantage of it, I have 3 times a week a tablespoon of raw turmeric, it's an antiseptic so cleans your body from inside, I add it in fresh orange juice, or mix it with honey 

18- I have one table spoon of Chia Seeds  (mixed with fresh fruit puree or juice) and two table spoons of Flax seeds oil during lunch - Click on the link to see all the benefits

19- I drink 1.5 liters of water per day or at least I try, no sodas or juices, make it all fresh..

20- I smile a lot and try to be as positive and happy as I can.... :))) I swear it helps....