*I basically Live in my Closet*

So where should I start.... I am actually slightly embarrassed of what I have done to this room and after seeing these picture I find it actually very funny too, funny because does it look like there is also a "dude" that stays in this room, no right ? that's what I thought :)) well what a nice husband....... I think he accepted the fact that is going to happen no matter what so hey let it be !

So I wanted to do this post to share how I organize all this so let's start:

Number 1: I bought a bunch of hanging racks because clearly the one included in the room is not enough. Here is the list:

Honey Can Do Collapsible Chrome Garment Rack
Mainstays Adjustable Rack
Bed Bath and Beyond Rack

Number 2: My bags, I'll have to admit I am not the girl that is going to take care of her bags like crazy, put them back in their pouch etc... it's a Bag.... and it like to have them handy so I just hang them and I bought this pink drawer cart for all the clutches

Damage free hooks
Storage Cart (now I wish I had bought the 4 drawer one :)

Number 3: My jewelry, I am actually very proud about finding this idea of hanging them all on the wall, it may be not be very pretty but at least it's visible and I actually wear it all without having to fight with tangled necklaces. For the ring and bracelet I bought compartment from Bed, Bath &Beyond.

Damage Free hooks
Damage Free hooks
Cosmetic Containers

Number 4: Make up, hum I had a craze for make up during a time where I bought a bunch of eye shadows, don't know what was going through my head but I highly regret it.. anyways...

Cosmetic Tray
Silverware Tray

This temporary closet situation is working for me at the moment, I haven't showed it on the pictures but I have a little cabinet where all my pants, skirts and shorts are and all the winter clothes are in another room. I hope I could inspire some of you that are in same situation as me and If you any question please comment below. Also I could make this whole thing a little prettier but I prefer to choose convenience at the moment :)