All About Make up

Bonjour, so here is an article about the make up I did above. I will be sharing the products I used to realize it and some tips that can hopefully inspire you. The only difference between the two make up is the red lips. So i'll be honest my skin has been terrible since the past week and now I have to deal with all the dark spots from it. But for this make up, I was proud of myself because I made my skin looked almost flawless, it was one of those before/after moment! I got a lot of sweet compliments on Instagram so thought hey why not share what I use with you all :) Also I am not an make up expert, just sharing what works for me.


Apply my daily face cream ~ La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra

I have some peach fuzz going on on my face, yup, and I see so many women being conscious about it and trying wax, laser etc but honestly I couldn't care less, I am for NO pain and I am happy with my peach fuzz !!! So I never use liquid foundation because for me it makes the peach fuzz even more visible so I have been using Bare Minerals, I mix 2 shades, Matte Light & Medium Tan which I apply with Bare Escentuals Precison Face brush

I use Make up for ever HD concealer for under eye and imperfections on my face, I also mix 2 shades, 335 Medium Beige & Honey which I mix on top of my hand and apply with MAC concealer brush

4 Apply Make up for ever HD powder with MAC large powder brush

5 Fix it with MAC primer fix


6 I apply Urban decay SIN primer potion with my finger like an eye shadow

7 I apply MAC Nehru eye shadow with MAC eye shader brush

8 Do my eye liner with the best Bourjois Feutre Liner, I start in the middle of my eye and draw the wing according to what effect I want and then draw the line inside, huh don't know if I was clear but here is a great article I found to nail your eye liner Cosmopolitan beauty

9 I apply MAC Kohl pencil inside the eyelid

10 The easiest part that will upgrade your make up, fake eye lashes, I have been avoiding using mascara since I noticed I don't have much left so giving it a break and using Andrea Redi Lash, so easy to apply, good price, and no irritation.

11 Clean my eye brows with the flat side of Cosmetic applicators (also you can use to clean eye make up imperfection) and I fill the gap with a black pencil, any black pencil and brush it with a Sephora eye brow brush


12 I apply lip balm and then Lime crime Red velvet ~ For the second look I just removed the lipstick with Bioderma Crealine and a cotton pad and left it natural.


13 Apply Guerlain Terracotta bronzing powder with MAC Powder Blush

14 Apply very thin layer of Make up for ever HD powder with MAC large powder brush to finish it


-I don't really shape my eye brows expect the extra noticeable hair with Tweererman Tweezer because remember I don't like pain and I always liked the bushy eye brows even before the Cara effect.

- I always take time to wash all my brushed with MAC Brush cleanser

- When I use a very small clutch for a night out where you can't really carry all your make up, I keep only one thing, a red lipstick like Estee Lauder pure color for example (not lime crime velvets since it would not work) because you can apply a small amount on your lips and cheeks with your finger if needed and you good to go, it will re illuminate your face for the rest of the night.

Voila!! Hope you enjoyed this article and don't hesitate to leave a comment to let me know what you thought about it.