Collaboration x Rocksbox

Bonjour, so have you heard about Netflix ? What if I told you Rocksbox is just that, not with DVD but jewelry, how exciting right?


1 Sign up and take a survey for the stylist to get to know your preference

2 Receive your Rockbox with 3 pieces of designer jewelry 

3 Get new piece anytime you want by sending back the box in the pre paid envelope already included or if you love it you can also purchase the piece with 20%off.

Just for $19 a month, told you it's just like Netflix. No obligations and you can cancel anything you want.

I am loving this concept, because one thing I am realizing myself is that I have a huge collection of jewelry but always end up wearing the newest addition, so if you like me adore this concept give it a try and you cancel anytime which is the best part.

To Sign up ==> Go on Rocksbox and use promo code parisianinamericaxoxo for one free month 
Check out their Instagram so you have a better idea about the collection: Rocksbox