Collab' x Zikhna

Bonjour, so here is a look I created for the lovely kaolack Mame Coumba Gaye and here is her story. She is a fashion designer who grew up in the Senegalese capital Dakar. Earlier interested on fashion, she began at 13 to transform his oversized trousers and skirts and she was trying to recreate them as she liked. Her passion for sewing was growing  so she decided to create in July 2011 her brand named MCCOLLECTION that she changed into Zikhna in October 2012 which means in Arabic mentality. She claims that only mental strength allowed her to overcome everything. Zikhna is an illustration of feminine elegancy and diversity. However, Mame Coumba has never studied fashion, she also claims that we don't need to study fashion, you only need to have flair. Only imagination and talent are her lethal weapons.

Her clothes are available on request so here is her website where you can contact her directly ==>  Zikhna