Must haves

Bonjour my Beauties, today's article is going to be according to my preference: "Must have Items" not just for this season but something to keep in your closet. 

So here is a little list of my discoveries:

This cape blazer is literally my favorite purchase of the month, worn it so many times already as you probably noticed on my Instagram, and got a lot of compliments, you can wear it over jeans, formal pants, dresses, MUST have blazer. 

I love the way this color looks, especially on my tan skin, gives you a cute little tough touch to your outfit, like I am wearing in the pictures above. 

Ahh what can I say about this blazer, it is simply perfection, it fits you beautifully, the leather/suede touch on the collar gives the uniqueness. It is a little pricey but trust me its worth, this is literally a lifetime blazer. 

Not a shocker... I've seen it on all the Frenchies feet during this Summer in France and gotta admit absolutely loved it! Looks good, and very confortable. 

I believe black pointy heels is a must have in your closet and these are absolutely perfect. I can't walk with high heels but these are just the right height, and it makes your legs look endless.