Layering Orlando Style

Bonjour my Beauties, hope you are doing amazing. Fall is here and I cannot wear layers....That is pretty sad !! One big thing I miss about Paris beside food is definitely the weather. I love wearing boots and coats so please weather in Orlando start cooling down :) 
So anyways I found a good alternative to do layers Florida style.....wearing waistcoat like in the pictures above. Perfect on top of a shirt or t shirt, with jeans, shorts, even a mini skirts. So if you are like me, living in a tropical weather where your Fall is like 25 degrees this is a good alternative and H&M actually carries a lot of them at an affordable price. 

PS: how adorable is this shirt, I got a little promo code for you, 30 % off at check out using: Alpa30%off on any purchase made on Talina Hermann. They have some super cool items, All made in Los Angeles.