Pacifica Beauty

Bonjour my Beauties, so here is one of my most exciting collaboration, exciting because Pacifica is a brand I always adored, not only the products are great but they also smell wonderful, natural without all the crazy chemicals. You know sometimes as a blogger I always wish: "How great it would be to work with this brand" and when I get the opportunity it makes me so happy and somehow proud.

So I received 3 boxes filled with their latest products, and let me tell you they all are amazing, the only product I am not going to use is the Dreamy cover serum, it is an amazing product with great texture and coverage but in my case the shade is not matching my skin so probably not a good idea right? 

I am going to list all the product I got with a brief review about them:

TRAVEL READY FACIAL WIPES $14 Simply the perfect kit to take during travels. 

DREAMY COVER $17 Must try product if it matches your skin tone.

KALE FACEWASH $11 Love this product, remove all the extra make up you might have forgotten, smells great, and your skin feels refreshed afterwards. 

SKINCARMA ROOL ON FACE OIL $22 One of my favorite product, really restores your skin.

ENZYMATIC EXFOLIATING WIPES $9 Love this as well, perfect when I travel, and so easy to use.

DREAMY SKIN SOLUTIONS $32 Another one from my favorite product, this pack has 5 different products, and they are all super amazing, and travel friendly as well.

TUNISIAN JASMINE LIME PERFUME  $22 I've always been a big fan of their fragrance and will always be, the scent is just amazing and last long. (my favorite is this one: Hawaiin Guava)

DRY ROLL ON RICH BODY OIL $15 I am a big fan of oil and this one hydrates without being sticky and the smell is divine.

HAND & BODY LOTION WIPES $7 A must keep in your purse or car, very useful !

10 BODY BUTTER TUBE  $15 Great texture, great smell, I still prefer oil though.

If you haven't tried their products yet, I highly suggest to give it a try, you'll fall in love with them. It's available to purchase online, in naturals stores like wholes foods, Target, Ulta.

Voila, if you have any question please don't hesitate to leave a comment :)