Emma & Chloe

Bonjour my Beauties, today's post is going to be about Emma & Chloe. As you probably noticed, the "monthly box system" delivered at your doorstep is trending like crazy and why not....it is such a brilliant idea. The best part is that you get to discover new brands and get unique jewelry without having to look for it.

Well just like that, Emma & Chloe offers monthly box services but in this case with an authentic piece of French jewelry valued from $50 to $200 and a magazine filled with tips and French trends. I have received 2 boxes so far and I am loving it, not only the designs are unique, but the quality is unbelievable, and it fits perfectly.

The monthly subscription starts at $35 which is definitely worth it knowing the price of the actual jewelry in it and I got a little deal for you 50% off your first box suing promo code MYFIRSTBOX and I mean it's from a French designer so uniqueness is their :)