Love Me Some Midi Skirt

Bonjour my Beauties, today's post if about Egawmacoi, a new brand I got to discover, and I gotta tell you when I received it in that little pouch I thought it was wrong package until I opened it and saw this beautiful silky midi skirt. It is THE most confortable skirt, the material is so smooth, and flexible so it gives you room for movement. The color is beautiful, when I was walking in the street, this skirt was getting a lot of attention. 

I honestly feel like a lady in this skirt, it is not the usual cut I would wear but glad I gave it a try because I love it. I paired it with a black crop top since the skirt is a statement for sure so you don't want to add too much.

This skirt is handmade with lots of love and you can tell. It's limited collection so very exclusive, and I love that, being unique :) 

I am wearing size M, thanks to my hips :) Another of my favorite color is this purple shade, maybe my next one :))