Rent a Sunglasses

Bonjour my Beauties, this is a post I was meant to write since a long time because this concept is worth knowing if you haven't already heard of them. 
So today's article is going to be about Shop Ditto, a website that allows you to purchase sunglasses, but what's unique about it is that you can rent them from a wide selection of designer glasses for a monthly fee of $24, it's unlimited exchange, and the best part is you don't have to send them back to receive a new one, so basically you never are without some designer sunglasses. 

I absolutely adore the concept, I invested in designer sunglasses and honestly I rather put that money is something else especially when you are able to just rent them, wear them and change them when you get tired of it. 

I highly recommend you to check it out at Shop Ditto, and if you love the concept like I do and decide to subscribe, Shop Ditto gave me a promo code for you guys: PARISIANINAMERICA  that will allow you to have your first month free.