Dans le monde des macarons...

Bonjour my Beauties and welcome to the world of Macarons cutely pronounced "Mac a roon" by all the Americans :) 

I had the pleasure of shooting this look at Le macaron Winter Park and the beauty of the location being a dessert place makes the experience 100 times better because you get it some (for my Orlando peeps, if you haven't tried it, make sure to check it out, my favorite is Chocolate & Raspberry)

Talking about macarons, have you checked out my new iPhone case? Being from Paris, I love having reminders about my city and what better than a macaron case that I get to see daily. Not only this case is beautiful but it's practical, I have shattered my iPhone numerous times, and this case protects my phone from every angle which is amazing for me since I haven't discovered the mystery of why my phone drops from my hand :)

Check out their delicious cases here => Plia Designs