10 Reasons why I love being a Parisian in Orlando

Bonjour my Beauties, if you are wondering why is my skin 5 shades darker and my hair 5 inch shorter, the answer is simple, I shot this look about 7 months and completely forgot to post it but here it is, better later than never right?

So I will be talking about the top 10 reasons why this Frenchy loves being in Orlando

1 Friendliness: I think this is something every foreigner will mention, Americans are super friendly and the best part is it's 90% genuine.

Convenience: You need something from the grocery at 11 pm, no problem, you'll always find something open to satisfy your need. 

3 Service: It's unbelievable especially when you compare it with the Parisian one, from the stores to restaurants to parks, you will most of the time get an amazing service. 

4 Infrastructure: Roads, parkings, house... it's so big, it's awesome. They also have handicap friendly path etc which is something really cool and thoughtful. 

5 American dream: believe me it's true, I feel like people want you to succeed here, they are optimistic and give you your chance to prove yourself.

6 Entertainment: Oh gosh, there is so many activities to do, especially in Orlando, I love parks so for me its heaven but the best part is whatever they build, they make it perfect, like they consider every details to give you the best experience possible.

7 Diners: Every time I go eat in a diner, I feel like I am in a Hollywood movie, I know sounds cliche but it's so true, its open 24 hrs most of the time, and you can eat some yummy greasy food which sounds great after a night out :))

8 Toilet seat cover: I know this one is random but gosh I love toilet seat cover, I mean it makes sense, why doesn't all the country have it ? I have a  little preference for the automatic one, the first time I ever saw it, I literally took a video because I was so excited about it. 

9 Being a foreigner in America: Especially when your from France is awesome. They love your accent and believe you dressed awesome even when you are wearing sweatpants :) 

10 America: This country is so huge and diverse. You have beautiful natural parks etc... like literally anything you feel like doing you can make it happen by staying within the country.  

Voila! Coming next: Top 10 things I miss about France :) and don't forget to subscribe on my youtube channel: Alpa Rama.


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