Bear Spirit

Felt the inner strength & courage of the bear during this shoot, find out why...

Bonjour my Beauties, hope you are amazing, now you know why I called this post Bear Spirit ? It was actually a hat I bought about 5 years ago in Alaska, I found it so cute and it makes sounds too, but bear spirit also because it's an amazing animal that represent courage, inner strength, healing abilities for itself of others, an animal I can relate to.

So anyway, on the pictures I am not pretending to be cold, for those who follow me on snap knows, this day was freezing. I acted all cool thinking hey I am coming from Paris, 5 degrees is nothing, well guess what my coolness went away really quick when I felt the chilly wind hitting me everywhere.

I recently purchased this oversized sweater from Zara and wanted to blog it for those who would be interested in buying it. This sweater is so cozy and versatile, I wore it with a skirt because remember I thought I was all cool with the cold but it looks great over a skinny jeans too, it's not sold online but definitely in store for $25.


Skirt: H&M Similar

Boots: Public Desire

Handbag: Chanel