Get Cozy with So French Tea

Nothing better than a French made Mint tea....

Bonjour my Beauties, so excited to finally present you So French Tea, if you remember I talked about it on my snap. As soon as I opened the tea box, I was captivated by the beautiful smell of Mint, like for real, it was amazing.

Then of course I tried it, so while making it, you have a beautiful mint vapor that smells divine, and the taste is really good, I added some brown sugar though because I like it sweet. I always loved Moroccan mint tea, it's so yummy and this is the perfect French version of it.

I also received this Rose Tonic, now let me explain this fabulous product, you basically infused your drink, alcoholic or not to give a beautiful pink color and delicious flavor. Perfect to impress your girlfriends for a party. I just feel like throwing a French theme party now so can have pink drinks :)
I am attaching a picture so you get an idea, you not supposed to add it like this, you use an infuser but I wanted to show you what it looks like.


Tonic: So French Tea

Mug: Kohl's

Iphone case: Plia Designs

Blanket: Brookstone

Sweater: Forever 21