Golden Smokey Eyes Tutorial

Bonjour my Beauties, this was one of the most demanded post in 2015 and finally decided to write it in 2016. I am no beauty expert but this is how I create this golden smokey eye, it is not that hard, promise. I have attached pictures for each step along with links of the product I use. I hope you'll like it. Send me pictures via snapchat if you do this make up :) and ignore the change of lighting in each picture, I guess that's what happens when you decide to do it during sunset! 


I mix light & medium tan shade from Bare Mineral Matte to match my skin color and apply it with precision face brush from the same brand

I mix shade 355 with 340 from Make up forever for my under eye and imprecations that I apply with Mac concealer brush

Fix it with Mac fix+



Apply shade Half Baked from Urban Decay in the inner corner on my eyes (you could use any other gold eye shadow) and do my eye brow with L'Oreal brow stylist designer pencil


Apply eye liner, doesn't have to be perfect, but it's necessary for the next step. I would not even suggest the one I use because it's not that great but I love Bourjois liner feutre


Apply Mac blackground shade paint pot with a mac brush, this is why eye liner is important, the end of the eye liner is where you stop.


To make it even more dark I apply Mac nehru eye shadow with a mac brush that I wet with Mac fix+ 


Then I apply Mac kohl eye pencil inside the eyelid


Then I wear fake eye lashes, from Ardell or Andrea that you find in the drugstore and put on La Roche Posay respectissime mascara in the bottom lashes (if you do not wish to wear fake eye lashes you can just use mascara)