Bonjour my Beauties, hope you are doing amazing. Today I am going to talk about Juicy couture, a brand that I always associated with those velvet tracksuit (you know which one I am talking about right ?) that I am really not a big fan of but about 4 years ago as I was walking around on 5th Avenue in New York I decided to enter their store as the window looked beautiful and I am so glad I did because I found so many nice things, from dresses to sweater to jeans. And this dress is one of it, the best part is the whole store was 50% off which was a great deal because I do believe the regular price is a little too much but anyways I have listed all my favorite items now available online and on sale so make sure to check it out because trust me it's a brand that offers great quality and style.


Dress: Juicy Couture

Bag: Chanel