Alpa. Feat Dono

Bonjour my Beauties, here is an exciting collaboration I did with Dono. I guess my name is unique because this brand created a whole collection with it.

Dono is a French streetwear brand that honors artist who have a rare and atypical first name like Rihanna, Serena, Zlatan, Kendrick or even Beyonce and creates beautiful t shirt and sweetshirt in multiple color option.  

The best part is the clothes are handmade in a small village in Senegal from passionate women that will be able to pay for school and health fees for their kids. I love this concept of sustainable fashion.

You can customize your clothes by picking what color you want for the name and sweatshirt or t shirt, they have over 26 colors to pick from.

A little note for my French Beauties: DONO est une marque française qui rend hommage à des sportifs et artistes musiciens qui ont des prénoms rares et atypiques, via une superbe collection de t-shirts au design minimaliste. Allez jeter un coup d'oeil sur leur collection ici => Dono


Top: Dono

Handbag: Chanel