Everyday Tiara

Who said Tiara was only for special occasion ?

Bonjour my Beauties! 

As I was browsing on Zara's website to buy that pastel choker for my sister, I spotted this fabulous vintage tiara. And for those who knows me by now, you know I had to buy it. I don't know if this decision was influenced by me watching Game of Thrones or what but I fell in love with it. I always been a big fan of antique accessories, and figured this tiara would be a cool one to have since I never do anything fancy with my hair.

It fits so nice, the quality is great and the price is definitely affordable. It's still somehow discreet so you won't feel awkward hanging out with a tiara on your head... well at least I don't :)

I find it very unique, beautiful and was super excited to share it with you. I decided to wear it with an all black outfit so the tiara stands out, but it could look so pretty with a flowy summer dress or anything with crochet details. I also purchased this off shoulder top from Zara and it's fabulous so if you looking for a black off shoulder, give it a try.


Top: Zara

Tiara: Zara