Tuned In Living

Bonjour my Beauties, hope you are doing great. Fall is approaching so I am reintroducing skinny jeans but quite frankly it still feels like Summer in Orlando so I like to wear it with a cute heat friendly breathable top.

Talking about breathable clothes, I am featuring in this article a new brand I discovered called Tuned In Living, the name comes from their motto which is all their product are meant to help you tune into a happy healthy beautiful life. How beautiful right?

I have to say, this one shoulder top is supra comfortable, it's made with 100% pure cotton and it feels great on the skin. I love the perfect asymmetrical peplum detail, it's chic, edgy and very versatile. My other crush is this poppy teal top, how cute right? 

Go check out their website for some more fabulous 'Tuned In Living' items by clicking => here  
To shop outside of India, you can use their Etsy Store that offers the same collection by clicking => here.

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Shades: Zara