A Parisian in Sabi Sand Game Reserve, South Africa


Sleeping mode 

Mud Bath Time 

Parade right in front of our resort


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The King of the Savannah

Sleepy ?

The Verreaux's Eagle Owl

Did you know that African buffalo is the most dangerous animal in the Savannah.

The face after failing to hunt a Nyala because he got spotted by a waterbuck

One of the highlight of this trip, such a majestic animal, and being able to observe from this close, it was like a dream !

Wink Wink

Oh hello you! 



Pick a boo!

Optical illusion ?

Look at that mean look...

Wounded hyena 


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Outside my room

Hakuna Amarula ! Right before an hour walk...

And we came across this....

Bonjour my Beauties, I don't even know where to start.... I would like to share with you my experience, some fashion tips and some extras if you happen to go yourself for a safari so I made this article in a form of statements. I figured it would be the easiest and clearest way so let's start!

-Little background before starting: Going on a Safari in Africa has always been one of my dream since I was a child. I have always been very fascinated in seeing animals in their natural habitat especially the wild cats.

-Date: 20th September to 24th September

-Location: For our first safari experience we picked Sabi Sand Game Reserve for the game.

-Accommodation: We stayed at Singita Castleton. One of the best place I have ever stayed so far. It was like a dream. The singita family took care of us like family basically, the food was absolutely delicious, the service was impeccable, I can't even find the right word to describe it. It made our first safari experience even better than expected.

-Daily Game drives: So from the photos, you must have realized we got to see the big 5 almost during every game drive actually. We felt very blessed being able to see all the wild animals just being themselves from eating, hunting, napping to bathing. I have personally always been a big fan of documentaries aired on tv about wild cats and seeing it in real in their natural habitat was an insane experience. The last day we went on a bush walk with our guide where we came across a full grown buffalo carcass that a pride of 6 lions fed on 48 hours before we walked passed it...it was fascinating. We also came across 2 rhinos that were about 40 meters away, seems far but trust me when you are on their land, they seem pretty close to you especially if they looking at you straight in the eye.

-Most memorable experience during the game: Everything was memorable and I wrote most but honestly I can't just choose one, there were actually five moments that will forever remain in my mind.
First moment was the first day actually, just landed, went to our first game drive and on our way back it got dark, Chris one of our guide spotted a dead impala with a long range torch light...hanging limp on the tree with its whole back torn off! I have a picture but won't post it for sensitive souls because it's pretty bloody. We went closer and saw the leopard was hiding behind a bush, watching us and waiting for us to leave so he can eat in peace.
Second moment was witnessing a bunch of elephants walking by our lodge and then taking a mud bath. There was a little baby also, it was such a cute moment. Seeing them splash themselves from that tiny mud area. It's pretty exciting to see elephants this close.
Third moment was during our fifth game drive, we witnessed a pride of 19 cats including lions, lionesses & cubs. It was crazy impressive, being in between all these wilds cats, I did not move at all as our guide instructed us that sudden movements may make them aggressive especially when there is cubs. It was a little bit scary but so mesmerizing, I could have watched them all day, it was a beautiful moment.
Fourth moment was actually right after seeing the pride, our guide spotted a leopard just chilling on the sand, I have some pictures above and suddenly the leopard went up the hill because he smelled something, so our guide called it ahead and gave us the best spot to watch the leopard on a hunt. So the leopard was going to hunt a Nyala and almost had him but unfortunately for the leopard there was a third animal present in the scene which was a waterbuck and he saw him and made an alarm call so the Nyala became aware. The leopard during this whole thing was so still, it was impressive to see his ability to flex his muscles and not make a single move, even his tail was not moving a bit. It was crazy. He decided to make the attack but the Nyala ran away just in time since he was alerted by the call
Fifth moment was when there was a leopard on the lodge property in the night! Yup, your read right! When the staff tell you don't go out at night by yourself, just listen, that's all I can say! We were all chilling post dinner around a fire and also invited the chef, guide etc to join us since they were so lovely, close by, was a leopard hanging around in the dark of night. Our guide figured that out from the alarm call monkey made in the lodge so he knew a predator was very close. Since our guide was so awesome, he told us "hey you want to come check it out? Let's go find it" Of course we all said yes, and with no surprise, we spotted the leopard passing through the fence around the lodge and just looking at us. It was such a freaky exciting moment. I thought about it all night while being paranoid there was a leopard in the room. This leopard's name is Kashan and he is actually pretty famous, he was on the cover of Nat geo magazine :)

-Camera usedPanasonic Lumix DMC-FZ 1000 I highly recommend this camera, I bought it right before leaving and it was perfect.

I went shopping in basic stores such as Forever21, H&M, Zara before leaving since you don't want to take anything expensive because it could get pretty dirty with the dust.

For accessories I took a Northface backpack, and a smaller Kipling backpack. It's very convenient since it has multiple compartments. Took multiple pairs of cheap sunglasses so doesn't matter if I loose or break them because things happen very spontaneously during a game drive and the less attached you are to your things, the better it is. I also took couple of hats, the one I wore the most was the trucker hat, it's very convenient to keep your hair in place because it can get pretty windy during the game drive and you don't want your hair flying all around your face. For shoes, I was actually a little lost, did not know what to pack so just took multiple choices and quite frankly if I can give you an advice now, pack 3 pairs if you go in Spring/Summer time, a pair of flip flop, a pair light hiking shoes that covers the ankle and a pair of tennis shoes. That's all you need. A little note: I wanted to look somehow cute/chic during the safaris so I packed couple of scarves that I could wear around the neck, or as a headband and took some belts to add a little trendy touch.

For clothing, think like you need to blend in the Savannah especially if you are planning on going on a walk. Don't pack loud colors. It was a little chilly early in the morning so a good warm jacket was needed but overall what I packed worked for me. We had beautiful weather during day time so I would suggest to pack if you are going for 4 days, 6 pure cotton t-shirts, some short sleeves, some long sleeves, two pairs of shorts, 2 pairs of pants. If you want to look cute, take some cool light jackets so can layer and add a little trendy touch to your outfit.

For make up, I am telling you don't even bother, all I was using is my bare minerals powder and blush, 2 min and it's done. I only did my eye make up one day where I used eye liner and kohl. Okay I also put lipstick one evening but that's about it. You wake up every morning at 5 am and trust me the last thing you want to do is your eyes that are barely even open at that time.

Miscellaneous things to pack: Sunscreen, mosquito repellent, I used Natrapel and it worked great, medical kit, also make sure to get all your vaccinations 2 weeks before leaving.

Suggestions: Travel light, don't overpack, keep in mind: comfort, and to add some cuteness for your photos just take some inexpensive accessorize. Don't even bother taking jewelry. Your mind is so at peace in that atmosphere, you actually don't really care looking flawless, you are really just embracing being in the nature.

I have uploaded some videos on my youtube channel as well, it's on private setting so shoot me an email and will send you the link => Sabi Sand Video

Voila! Hope you enjoyed reading this special article and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask me, I will be more than happy to answer. Hakuna Matata !