Fall Inspo with Indelust

Bonjour my Beauties, hope you are doing amazing. So I say it every year and gonna say it again just in case you forgot ;) Fall/Winter are my favorite seasons of the year. I love wearing coats, jackets, basically layering and adding boots and hats to my look. 

Even though the weather here in Orlando doesn't corporate and refuses to cool down, I am still going to show you some seasonal outfit inspiration, because I have way to many cool items to keep in my closet. 

So here is an outfit I put together wearing this light navy jacket from Indelust. I have never worn this length before and have to admit I quite like it. The color is super pretty and very wintery. I kept the whole look pretty simple because I wanted this jacket to be the highlight of the outfit. I rolled the sleeves in this look to give another shade of blue to the look since everything else is black.  I am loving it, it's the perfect effortless jacket to have to transit from Summer to Autumn.


Flats: Zara

Hair extensions: Bombay Hair