Ice Cream Anyone ?

Bonjour my Beauties, let me start by saying, my Orlando peeps, if you haven'g gone to the soda fountain yet then it's time to go because it's bomb! 

So today's post is not about ice cream but about this beautiful bracelets I am wearing. I have a small wrist and for those who can relate, you must know how tough it is to find a bracelet that fits right. In my case, the bracelets would not even stay on the wrist but will find its way to travel through my arm and go hide somewhere in the sleeve, you feel me here don't you ;) 

Anyways, I finally came across a brand that offers a wide selection of bracelet and watches for small wrist, how cool right? I don't know if you heard about them but it's Dainty Wrist Jewelry. I picked several cute bracelets from the website and they all fit so good, amazing quality, and super affordable.   It got shipped so fast and came in the cutest little package. I also love how you can wear them individually or stack them up. I have 2 more that I will show you very soon when I wear them.

If you can relate, I highly suggest you to check it out => Dainty Wrist Jewelry


Jacket: All Saints

Flats: Zara

Bracelets: Dainty Jewelry 1234