Bonjour my Beauties, today I will be talking about my favorite trend of this season: Metallics. I have always been a huge fan of it since I was young actually, I got a lot of "where do you think you are going" but who cares right because I liked it, and it made me feel super glam and chic. So in today's article I will be giving you a selection of 10 metallic items under $50 that are bomb and that you should have in your closet, so let's start...

(keep scrolling down to shop my look...)

Metallic pleated skirt from Forever 21                            Metallic off shoulder top from Zara

Metallic dress from H&M                4 Metallic beanie from Asos               5 Metallic flats from Asos


               9 Metallic flats from Saks 5th off                             10 Metallic bag from Zara   


Boots: A'GACI