Need a ride ?

Bonjour my Beauties, currently blogging from back home in France. I've been here for 5 days and enjoying it so much, it's cold, not raining, eating a lot of food and spending quality time with the fam bam. 

So talking about this outfit, how pretty is this skirted jacket? I personally love this style, it's super chic and elegant. I wore it by itself because I did not need to layer it as it was pretty warm still in Orlando before I left. It has some metallic touch also throughout the jacket which gives some texture. And the best part is the price, it's honestly super affordable especially knowing how great the cut and quality is. If you like it, dont hesitate because it's on clearance. 

I paired it with pointy toe heel and a cabbie hat, I am in love with this trend as I mentioned before. I am actually looking forward to wear it in Paris :) Voila!


Skirted jacket: Dezzal

Cabbie hat: Forever 21

Heels: Saks 5th Off