New things

Bonjour my Beauties, today's outfit inspiration is gathering a bunch of new things I recently got so wanted to feature them in one outfit so if you like it you can go buy it before the season is over.
The first thing is this cape from Dezzal, it's perfect for Florida weather, I love the fact that it has a scarf included which makes it unique. Then these ankle boots I ordered from ASOS, I am in love with it, the only 2 times I wore them, they were a major success, everybody seems to adore these sequins booties, perfect statement item to have and guess what they just went one sale.....yup right after I order them full price lol....but honestly you won't be disappointed, they are pretty and super comfy. And then my latest Chanel acquisition, you have no idea how much I was hunting for a caviar bag, like it was sold out everywhere until they had it available at the Orlando Chanel located at Millenia Mall so I had to get it before I had regrets. I am personally a huge fan of handbags, like it's my thing, I feel like it dresses up your whole outfit, shoes does too but I can live with  ASOS booties and be fine but BAGSSS. I love! 


Cape Sweater: Dezzal

Ankles boots: ASOS