Recent Statement Jacket in my Closet

Bonjour my Beauties, I recently purchased some statement jackets in Paris and as you know I am a big fan of blazers/jacket and if they are statement then it's even better. It's amazing how it dresses up your whole outfit and when they are affordable, then it's even more exciting so without waiting anymore find below my recent purchases. I only had time to shoot one since I got back but I have bought all the ones I am listing below and they are all amazing and fit like a glove so for me a MUST HAVE. I will mention the size I got also so you have an idea. Simply click on the image to be redirected to the website. 

Size S (sold out online but available in store)

Size XS (check for sizes in your local store) 

Size XS 

Size S (I actually bought this jacket in Paris for 69 euros, regular price)

Size S

Voila, Happy Shopping !