Universal Guide: My 21 tips

Bonjour my Beauties, here comes a post I've been wanting to do forever, when I say forever, I mean like couple of years ago. I am an adrenaline junkie, especially when it comes to rides and I think I could not have moved to a better place then Orlando because it's filled with theme park. So for 2017, I decided to do more Orlando guides, as I live here now since 4 years and as an influencer I believe it's good to inspire the Orlando peeps or tourist that visit. So I won't write an essay but instead do a list of 21 universal tips, let's start.

1: Always make sure you are confortable and that does not necessarily mean, t shirt, shorts and flip flop. I noticed during all the times I've been to the parks, 99% of the girls have the same outfit but you can be comfy and look cute. YES!!! The outfit I wore is the perfect example. I am wearing shorts but paired with a loose cute comfy blouse with ruffle details so it adds a little chic touch to your outfit. 

2: Never wear flip flop because first of all, on half of the ride you'll have to remove them and if you don't want to get stepped on your toes then I highly suggest to wear cute pairs of espadrilles, or sneakers. Remember they must be comfy because going to the park involves a lot of walking.

3: Don't take your expenses sunglasses, in the excitement of the rides, you won't really make sure to place your glassed in a case etc so just take some cheap glasses so in case if you loose them or scratch them, you won't have any regrets.

4: Wear a hat, because it's get pretty sunny.

5: Don't take a super expensive purse because once again, you leave your purse in lockers and in the rush you may damage it so just take a cute purse or backpack is even better.

6: Avoid wearing a lot of make up especially eye make up because there is water ride and you may end up looking like a raccoon unless you not interested in it.

7: If you planning on doing the water rides, buy a cheap poncho before hand, even though you won't save your make up, but at least you will save your clothes and hair, and avoid that strange water smell throughout the rest of the day.

8: Use sunscreen especially in the summer because if you wearing tank top or something, your shoulders will burn.

9: I always take a scarf or a jacket that I place of the seat of the ride when I am wearing shorts so the seat it doesn't touch my skin. I may sound like a germaphobe but just saying 1000's of people sat there before you.

10: So recently, universal combined both of their parks, Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios, and they connected by the famous Harry Potter train which is worth doing so buy tickets for both park and go as soon it opens to be able to do as many rides as you can. Also don't forget to grab maps for both parks4

11: If you do both parks, I suggest you start by Universal Studios. It usually closes earlier than the other one and start doing all the rides as you move toward Harry Potter section before grabbing the train to do to the other park.

12: If you want to do only one park, then I suggest for sure Islands of adventure as I find that the rides are better and more creative. So when you enter Islands of Adventure, start with the right section where you'll see the cartoons area and continue in that direction until you hit Harry Potter, once that ride done because it's a must, start working our way out toward Jurassic park. If you go according to this direction, the last ride you will do will be Hulk :)

13: Must do rides (of course according to me preference) in Islands of Adventure: Hulk, Spiderman, Harry Potter and the forbidden journey, Dragon challenge (blue one), King Kong, Jurassic River adventure.

14: Must do rides in Universal Studios : Despicable me, Rip Ride Rockit, Simpsons, Shrek, The Mummy, Men in Black, Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts, Fear Factor shoe if pretty cool to watch, you can actually participate in it too. 

15: In terms of eating, be ready to be eating not the healthiest food ever, but the area I suggest you eat  if you are in Universal Studios is Springfield area, there more variety and definitely try the big doughnut, it's actually pretty good and you can also enjoy a Duff beer at the Simpsons bar but make sure to stay hydrated. 

16: If you are in Islands of Adventure I suggest you ate the lost continent dining area, there is veggie options too, and it's also quieter usually. 

17: Go with a positive calm mind and try to remain like that, it can become overwhelming sometimes between the confused people, the kids running around, and the lines but you are their to enjoy.

18: Grab something to eat or drink when you see a line of more than 60 mins and make sure to use the restrooms before queuing because there is none in the lines.

19: If you can afford it, because I know it's pricey, buy a fast lane pass especially during high seasons because the queue can get up to 200 mins but be aware that there is fast pass available in both Harry Potter.

20: Make sure to empty all pocket, and leaving every single loose item in the locker as there is a metal detector along in the queue and they will not hesitate to make you go back to your locker to drop it off. And also it's for everybody's safety! 

21: Last but not least, enjoy! Look cute, take lots of photos for your souvenir. And hope you enjoy the parks as much as I do every single time I go their!

A little side note, once you leave the park, you can just eat at one of the many restaurant in city walk and my favorite place to eat is The Cowfish.


Shirt: H&M

Shorts: American Eagle

Espadrilles: Circus by Sam Edelman