La Parisienne

Bonjour my Beauties, today's article is featuring my inner Frenchy into an outfit version. I actually shot this look for a contest I am participating in, crossing my finger I win because it's an awesome opportunity :) So I figured why not blog about it because I am loving this look and would love to see some American babes wear some Parisian inspired look because right now the only time I see it is Halloween or themed parties. 

So for the Parisienne look, I wore a beret, I was slightly concerned about feeling hot with it but quite frankly, it was perfectly fine so you'll see me rocking beret this Summer for sure. Then of course wore a marinière (French name for stripped top) with little frill detail, you are guaranteed to add a little French touch if you wear a stripped top. I also wore my newest shoe addition from Zara, these heels are one of the typical style you would see in Paris, we walk a lot so we need comfort therefor we can't wear sky high heel so these give you the impression of high heels but are actually super comfy. So am I going to see you wear more Frenchy style ? I would love to see it to feel free to email or DM me on insta at @alpa.rama.

I would also like to mention how much I am loving this lipstick  it's from a brand I never heard before but it's worth the try because it's bomb. Putting the direct link right below.


Heels: Zara

Lipstick: Black up L05