A Parisian in Montreal

Ready to see my Montreal journey with InterContinental Montreal ? Let's go....

DAY 1 

Boots:ASOS ~  Handbag: Balenciaga ~ Suitcase: Raden 

View from my room

Inside the hotel

Notre-Dame Basilica

So we checked into the beautiful Intercontinental Montreal, like I could not have experienced Montreal in a better hotel than this. It was located perfectly within walking distance of Old Montreal and downtown which is a big plus for me as there is no better way to discover a new city than being on foot. The welcome was amazing and the hotel was beautiful as you can see in the pictures above. It definitely cheered me up because of the fact that my bag was misplaced on the flight up. So we decided to go check out the Notre Dame basilica (7min walk) as it's a must do in Montreal and now I know why, it's the most beautiful basilica I have ever seen. We ended the day by having a delicious charcuterie & cheese platter at Brasserie 701, a place I highly recommend.


So guess what? I received my luggage by noon so I quickly got ready to explore the city. It was lunch time so we decided to try out Toque which is located right outside of the hotel and Oh god, it was so delicious (a must try). Once we were done eating, we just started walking and ended up being in the Gay Village which is an area I wanted to check out. It was super interesting with all the lights and art on the street and then continued our journey to Saint Louis square which has beautiful houses and a park. At that point we were a little tired as we had been walking for hours so decided to head back to the hotel and chill before getting ready again to head out to this metro station I spotted earlier. 

The metro station in question was Square Victoria station and a photoshoot was necessary as it looked like I was in Paris. I changed into something warmer as the weather cooled down and then ended the evening by eating at this fantastic restaurant at the InterContinental called Osco it was delicious, and their Foie Gras was one of the best I have tried since moving to North America. So good!! We also did an absinthe experience which was the perfect way to end the day.


Hat (I customer it): Forever 21 ~ Dress: Zara

On day 3, we decided to go explore old Montreal and all the alleys were so beautiful with its cobblestone streets. So blogger picture friendly! We also walked to the port where there were all these fun Summer activities. We had food at this French place but I can't recall the name right now but I will eventually :)

We went back to the room to rest a little, I am not used to walking this much anymore haha. Then we decided to go have dinner at Toque again as they offered this 7 course menu and it sounded too good not to try. It pleasantly lasted forever and we were suppose to go watch fireworks from Au Sommet Place Ville Marie that was kindly organized by the hotel but could not make it on time so just went to sleep to get some rest for the last day!


Last day, I was a little emotional as I wasn't ready to leave this beautiful city yet so made the most out of it. I got a yummy breakfast in bed, the croissants were so good. Got ready to head towards downtown this time, we walked uphill a lot but it was worth it. Not the same experience if you were in a taxi. Got to see where all the shops were located, I just kept my head down as I did not want to get tempted to start shopping especially since there was a big sign marked 70% off at Zara. We then walked towards the Musee des Beaux Arts, there was art everywhere on the streets, it was fantastic. We did not have time to go in but it looked really cool. 

We quickly went back to the hotel to pack everything. I changed as it got somehow warmer, then went to Au Sommet Place Ville Marie as it looked too cool not to go and I was right. We had a 360 degree view of Montreal and it is indeed a beautiful city. We went to have a bite at Les enfants terrible which is located right there and our trip was coming to an end bouhhhh!

But I left with amazing memories, Canadians are so sweet and respectful. I really enjoyed spending time getting to know the culture. The food was unbelievable, they do love their brunch on weekends! I would say it was a perfect balance between France and USA. Like the best from both cultures gathered in one city. I will definitely go back if I have the chance.

A special thank you to InterContinental Montreal for making my stay in this city fabulous. I enjoyed every second and can't wait to come back! A hotel I highly recommend if you are heading to Montreal!