Simply Sophisticated with Banana Republic

Bonjour my beauties, hope you are doing amazing. Today I will be talking about being sophisticated during Summer in the most simplest way featuring Banana Republic.

We all want to be comfortable during Summer for various reasons, for me, it's mainly the crazy heat of Florida so I like to opt for jeans shorts, cute top and sandals. But sometimes it's necessary to dress sophisticated when you have meetings, or if there is a dress code for certain events so I like to wear something more dressy but yet keep it summary and simple.

I've been mentioning this a lot in my past article but I am loving all the new collection Banana Republic has. I mean they have the cutest little tops especially right now like the one I am wearing with the bow details and I just discovered their new pants called Sloan. Oh my god, it fits so perfect, I love it! I don't like it when it's super tight for Summer because air gotta go through Haha so Sloan is the perfect fitting for me.  

I have created a little selection of cute tops for you to rock a simply sophisticated look (click on the photo to shot it)

Keep scrolling down to shop what I am wearing....