Bonjour my Beauties, as you probably know by now, I am Indian origin which means having 2 separate closet, one for western and one for eastern. I never really had to shop for Indian outfits when I was in France be but after moving to USA, it was a whole different situation as my husband's cousins were all getting married one after another and having traditional was a necessity. So I started exploring the world of Sarees, Lehengas, and let me tell you that it's complicated, especially if you are shopping in India. They will give you headache before you get your perfect outfit. 

So when I accepted this collaboration with Soul Stitch who makes custom Indo Western attire, I was super excited but yet a little anxious but let me tell you, first of all the designer was the sweetest girl ever, she took the time to understand what kind of design I like etc, took all the necessary measurement to make sure my outfit fits perfect. The next thing you know, I received this gorgeous gown, that not only fits perfect, but it's super comfortable which is key with all the embroidery, it's lightweight, easy to wear and affordable. Exactly what I envisioned when I was designing the outfit with her. The amazing part also is that it's made only for me, they will never repeat the same design which is something I really like: uniqueness. 

Check them out here because they are amazing => SoulStitch_kd 
You can also contact at (831) 224 3608 to order your custom outfit today!