2 Holiday Party Look with Banana Republic



Bonjour my beauties, it's holiday season and the obvious outfit we think of wearing is sparkles, glitters, anything that shine basically and I am totally guilty of it as well, I mean I wear throughout the year haha. So for a change I decided to create 2 holiday looks that are out of the norm featuring Banana Republic. 

For outfit number 1, I wanted to create a look that works with formal pants yet without making it look like your everyday wear. Therefore I added a crop top, statement jewelry and this beautiful bell sleeve jacket that gives you a winter feel with the camel tone yet it has a subtle shine to it with golden threads. I love the chic military aspect of it as well. This outfit definitely gives you that uniqueness and I promise if you walk with this outfit to a holiday party, you'll definitely make an impression. 

For outfit number 2, I switched to a more simpler skirt I would say but added a statement shirt along with red booties for a pop of color. This is definitely an outfit you can rock to your work holiday party, as it's more on a formal side but yet fun. I am seriously obsessed with this shirt, I love the bows on the sleeves and on the collar. 

Also Banana Republic has 50% off right now on their website so make sure to check it out. 


Blazer: Banana Republic

Earrings: Banana Republic