30 Things about me you probably did not know

Bonjour my Beauties, so as you probably figured from Instagram, I turned 30 this Sunday! I am not feeling any older, more than anything I am quite excited about how my 30's will be and I heard these are the best years of your life so I am definitely planning on enjoying as much as can while continue to work on myself to be a better human being and help others of course. So I figured I would share 30 things about me that you probably did not know.

1 I had a phobia of dogs, like I would run so fast across the street... I just got over my fear last year and now have a little Frenchie

2 I love sightseeing wild animals especially tigers and lions

3 I love to travel and discover new cultures.

One of my dream vacation would be to go up north to see polar bears.

5 I am more of a mountain person than beach.

I don't like frogs, I actually I don't like anything slimy thing and I live in Florida so great!

7 I don't drink coffee, I mean I don't like the taste neither do I like the breath it gives you afterwards.

8 I love candies

9 I could eat an unlimited amount of fries and baguette with butter

10 I dislike plain milk, something about the smells. 

11  Even though I was born in the city of love, I am not a romantic person at all. 

12 I have Indian Origins (India) from both parents, my mum is just extra fair which gives me this olive tone

13 I love Japanese cuisine 

14 My parents and my 2 brothers still live in France 

15 I grew up in a conservative family...basically opposite of who I am

16 I am very spontaneous, planning and me makes 2 

17 I am funny, well at least I think I am

18 I have a very short temper, and not the best listener on earth lol 

19 I could be brutally honest sometimes, something I need to work on

20 I am 5.5 and weight 115 pounds

21 I have bow legs  but hey embracing my imperfection like though #NobodyIsPerfect

22 I have peach fuzz even though you can't really tell on the photos! God knows what my mum ate while she was pregnant with me but hey once again hashtag #EmbracingIt

23 I love kids, but not planning so far to have my own (go back to number 15, my parents are super excited about that decision NOT lol)

24 One of my goal in life is to go volunteer around the world and build solid infrastructure to help kids and women in need

25 I speak 4 fluent language, French, English, Gujarati and Hindi

26 I majored in Marketing in an international business school based in Paris at Ecole Militaire

27 I love cooking healthy meals 

28 I used to do karate but left after 6 years because guys would forget that you don't hit a girl like you would hit a guy

29 I am so bad at remembering names or birthdays but will never forget your face

30 I never take medication unless it's necessary, I self medicate myself with natural remedies. For bless being Indian in that sense.



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