My Paris Guide

Bonjour my Beauties, so here is a blog post about the most asked question and it's not related to fashion or beauty but "what do you recommend us to do in Paris?"

So I 'll be honest, I moved out of France around 8 years ago so you can imagine that I am not aware of all the "hype" place anymore and when I head back home, I spend a lot of time with my family as they all still live in France and I don't have time to explore new things. So that being said, if you want recommendation about trendy places to hang out and fashion stores, google might be your best bet but I can surely recommend you obvious places like monuments etc and my favorite spots in Paris to hang out and eat. So here we go =>


-Eiffel Tower
-Arc the triomphe ( Champs Elysee) 
-Notre dame de Paris ( St Michel) 
-Sacre coeur (Montmartre) 
-Concorde Square 
-Chateau de Versailles 
-Moulin Rouge
-Lido show on Champs Elysee
-La Butte Montmatre go on the hill, not where Sacre Coeur is but where you see all the houses on top of the hill
-Walk at Jardin des Tuileries and in Summer they have a outdoor fair.
-Musee d'Orsay 
-Les Invalides
-Pont Alexandre III
-Catacombs of Paris
-Saint Germain des Près 
-Ile Saint Louis
-Pere Lachaise Cemetery 


-Gallerie lafayette & Printemps situated on Boulevard Haussman (opera) (big department store like Saks fifth but much better).
-Rue Faubourg St honore (Madeleine)
-Champs Elysee and rue Montaigne for luxury brand
-Saint Germain des Prés for boutiques

*Paris has the tax free system for luxury brand so the prices are good sometimes.

-Restaurant / Café / dessert:
-Paris has so many cafes and I always suggest to walk around if you really want to explore and when you get tired just chill at any cafe and enjoy the view 

- Café de l'homme (Eiffel tower area) Website

-Le Siamin, Thai restaurant (Champs Elysées area) Website

-Hanawa, Japanese restaurant (Champs Elysées area) Website

-Fauchon, food and pastries (several locations) Website

-Ladurée, must go for our famous Macarons Website

-Les ombres, amazing view, I did not get the most amazing service when I went but you can at least go have a drink Website

-Le Klay to eat and have delicious drinks Website

-Le Meurice bar, for amazing cocktails Website

-Mandarian Oriental for hot beverage or delicious cocktails Website 

-Hotel Costes. Cool ambiance with good food and drinks Website

-Cafe le Jardin du Petit Palais Website

-Maison Berthillon for yummy ice cream Website

-Eclair du genie for delicious Eclair Website

-Odette for delicious choux, my favorite flavor was vanilla and berries Website

-Le Cinq for Michelins star dining experience Website

-Angelina for delicious hot chocolate and pastries Website

-Calbar for a fun afternoon cocktail and charcuterie and cheese board Website

-Cafe Marly for drink/snack with amazing view Website

-Cafe du Trocadero for yummy Croque Monsieur with pretty view Website

-As du Falafel for yummy kebabs Website

-These restaurant looks amazing too => Website 

*You don't need to tip because it's already included.


These are the spots I used to hang out when I used to live in Paris. I have no idea how good it is now

-Vip room club Reviews  (doesn't seem like you should waste your time)

-Le duplex Reviews (doesn't seem any better)

-L'Aquarium which used to be super cool, it's a club in an aquarium Website

-This website have a good selection of the cool clubs in Paris => Website

-Dress code: 

Don't even bother packing ahead, wait till last minute to check the latest weather because it's very unpredictable. I don't recommend trying to look overly cute with heels etc because you want to be comfy. Unless you are planing to travel in Uber during the whole stay, that's fine but if you want to explore by walking like I do, I recommend comfy sneakers. 
If you want to blend in, the ideal attire is to have simple well fitted clothes such as a cute jeans, top, flats and a small cross body bag. Simplicity is key, the more you try hard, the more you'll look like a tourist :)


Metro is the best way to really experience the Parisian lifestyle, get a pass with a map that will get you everywhere around Paris. Once you understand, it's pretty easy to get around. You can also use Uber which is super convenient if you want to go from place to place during night time. And at last, you can always rent a bicycle but beware of cars, it could get a little scary if you are not used to.


I personally love staying in the 8th Arrondissement of Paris in Madeleine, Place Vendome area. There are so many hotels their, I mean this is very personal because it all depends on the budget etc but I love this area as everything is close by to get around.
Air BnB is also great way for the full Parisian experience and price is also good. 


-Beware of pickpockets, they are really good, you won't even notice, they mostly go for the iPhone's and wallets so just keep it in your bag especially in public transportation. 
-Understand the culture or at least follow some rules to not be an obnoxious tourist, stay on the right on the escalator in the metro, don't block the metro door (keep in mind that it is the transportation that working people take) Don't just stop in the middle of a walking street to check direction or take a photo, move to the side :) Say at least "Bonjour or Hello" when talking to a stranger,  

Voila, Voila...Hope this will help a little and if you have any questions, please feel free to comment below and will be more than happy to answer.