Reimagining Centuries Old Footwear with JEHAN

Bonjour my Beauties, so I believe that when you are fashion blogger, one of the cool thing is to be able to share cool brands beside the ones that we all know and heard of and today I am sharing just that with you. I came across this brand called "JEHAN"and as you can see throughout my photos I am featuring these beautiful flats that are from them. For everyone these seems like ballerinas but guess what there is a story behind this model and I totally relate to it =>

This footwear collection is called "Mosneaks"a new fashion statement created by JEHAN by emerging cultural ethos with modern day trends. 

According to them, "Mosneaks" are a modern day version of the Mojaris (centuries old footwear produced by raisins from South Asian region) combined with a sleek white sole for that perfect edgy look. Each pairs have a memory foam insole cushioning, and let me tell you, they are super comfortable. This is why I can totally relate to this brand, me being Indian and I am so happy someone is being creative by reimagining centuries old footwear.  

I got another pair as well and can't wait to show you. You can see the full collection here => JEHAN


Shoes: JEHAN

Pants: Bershka

Headscarf: Hermes