Sparkly Sandal GOAL

Bonjour my Beauties, hope you are doing amazing. First of all, let's start by admiring a little these beautiful sandals, I love anything sparkly so these are like my dream sandals. I have written an article about this brand featuring another pair of sandals just as pretty as this so I won't repeat myself => Jeweled & Gorgeous Shoes but seriously, all the shades of blue, the natural sparkle, the style, the comfort, it's literally the perfect pair of sparkly sandals. 

I did a casual outfit this time unlike the other article where it was more dressy. One thing I love about these sandals is the fact that they are super versatile, can be worn with literally anything.

Without further wait, here is the link to shop these beauties perfect for Summer!


Tee: Zara

Handbag: FreePeople