Health Routine Part 1

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Bonjour my Beauties, so I am finally writing about one of the most asked question on social media: What is your health secret ? Well I'll reveal that at the end but let's start by taking about the 2 photos I posted because an explanation is required.

As you know, I was born and raised in France, eating overall healthy with lots of natural remedies (overall because it was party time as well haha), never restricted myself when it came to food but I was conscious about it. I was very active and never had to work out to stay fit.

I then moved to India to live with my husband, still overall healthy, I started working out a little because I wasn't walking anymore so I had to substitute.

I then moved to US, and here is when I just started eating food I never ate while in France, fast food, lots of unhealthy things, candies, sodas...I mean the list goes on and on, anyways, I really let myself go, my clothes were not fitting me anymore, I did not complain or anything because I knew it was the result of my poor diet but more than what I looked like physically, I did not feel at my best from inside and that was bothering me. I made a choice at that point that I needed to get healthy and I had a specific type of body in mind which is: athletic, strong, defined muscle but not like a body builder, more on the skinny side because it's how I was in my youth and I felt good. I could careless about big boobs or big butt. (a little side note, everyone has a different definition of body goal, this is purely mine, and what matters is what you feel good with)

So first things first, I started getting into a cleaner diet, I already had some knowledge about what's healthy and what's not but I had to be extra aware because a lot food is not natural or organically grown here in US unless you go to an organic store which wasn't available for me but one is opening soon and I am pumped about it. Finally a cabbage that's not the size of my head! 

So it will be very hard to answer this question in one article so I'll do a part 2 which will evolve food but meanwhile I will be talking about the physical regiment.

So exactly on April 26th, 2017, I joined Orange Theory because my husband recommended it to me, if you haven't heard about it, you can read what it's about here => Orange Theory Fitness

I decided to go for my free class to see what it was about and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it. I need someone to push me, if you leave me alone in the gym, hummmmmm it's basically a failure. This is in a group setting so you feel the whole work out spirit, music is pumping and the OT I go to has amazing trainers. This was literally the best push for me at the beginning of my journey, it helped loose the extra fat I accumulated. I was going 4-5 times a week.

So now 3 months ago, after being in Orange theory for more than a year, I started training with a friend that happens to be a trainer, we work out together focusing on strength and conditioning as well as boxing (believe it or not, it's a fun way to be quick in your movement and burn as well) He offers training session if you are interested, his insta is Tyrell if you want to check it out :) I still go to OT twice a week because I love it so it makes it a work out of 5 times a week for an hour each.

In this hour though, I really try to push myself unless I am really sore because that will happen for sure but I try to stay motivated and picture some abs while I work out lol.

I also practice yoga at home, there is a show that comes on tv called "Namaste Yoga" actually I found it on Youtube => Namaste Yoga

And to finish my work out routine, I do meditation, I know it's not really a physical work out but it helps relax your mind and reduces stress hormones which is a necessity to feel good from inside. On that note, see you on the part 2 where I will be talking about food and some natural remedies. 

Forgot to answer your question: There is no such a thing as secret, you just gotta work really hard, stay mentally focused on your goal and once you start seeing result, you'll feel so good and proud that nothing will stop you!