Health Routine Part 2

Bonjour my Beauties, so here is the second part of my health routine that is as important as the first. My daily diet! I will structure this article in a way where I will describe a typical day of things I eat with approximate timing and then the things I removed from my diet along with some natural remedies to boost your immune system (I am no nutritionist, this is strictly what I feel works on me) 

TYPICAL EATING ROUTINE (approximate time of course):

8am: As soon as I wake up I start by having a glass of warm water mixed with Organic apple cider vinegar (the first few times, you will not like at all but trust me you get used to it very quickly)

11am: Have an early lunch, this will be my heavier meal of the day (healthy sandwich, pastas, etc...)

2pm: Have a healthy snack (smoothies, fruits, dark chocolate, fresh juice, etc..)

4pm: Have another healthy snack (fresh salsa and chips, etc...)

7pm: Have dinner, this will be the lighter meal of the day so I can digest it before I got to sleep (salad, soup, smoothie, veggies, etc...)

9pm: Have a caffeine free tea with my turmeric supplement and that will be the last thing I put in my stomach 

I will try to drink at least 2 Liter of water daily but never while I eat or after, I will drink water after an hour of eating so it doesn't messes up my natural digestive system. 

My diet consist on mostly veggie stuff, I do eat meat (expect beef) and fish but when I go eat out and only if I know its fresh and not like mass produced. Also when my dad cook it in France haha 

Recipes for meals I love: Avocado+Chickpea Sandwich,  Chickpea GyrosBaked Sweet PatatoeSpicy Tofu Hotpot, these are just a few recipes but I love to freestyle with my food also hahaha and I eat it wether its good or not, no wasting!

Recipes for smoothie I love: Green SmoothiesBerriesWatermelon Kale, I add Chia seeds sometime in my smoothies.

POINT: Of course, I'll have my days when I'll go eat out and pig out during dinner and have wine with it etc because you have to enjoy as well. I feel like it all has to be balanced, learn to enjoy eating clean healthy food so you don't feel restricted, don't get overly paranoid about calories etc, sometimes if you feel like having a pizza or in my case I love charcuterie and bread, my advice would be to just have it and be happy about it without regrets and then you get back to your heathy routine, your mental health is also really important so restricting too much might result to an opposite effect. 

THE NO NO'S EXPECT WHEN I AM NOT HOME (this girl gotta be flexible also)

-No milk and avoid dairy products as much as I can (those Kraft cheese is a NO NO but if I come across a delicious artisanal cheese from a small farm, I am gonna eat it ;) (Why) I use almond or eat milk. 

-No canned food, pre-made frozen meals, no pre-made salad dressing, no bottled sauce, I basically try to make everything fresh whenever I can to simply avoid preservatives and extra sugar, sodium etc

-Not other oil beside olive oil or avocado oil for cooking or dressing (preserved in glass bottle, no plastic bottle)

-No sodas, I think we all know why

-No so claimed "Fresh Juice" you can find in the aisle of the supermarket (I won't say any brand names but you know which ones I am talking about, just make your own fresh juice, trust me it doesn't take that much time) 

-No fried stuff


-Turmeric powder mixed with coconut oil (this website describes the benefit well => Turmeric and coconut, I actually don't warm it or anything, just mix room temperature coconut oil with raw turmeric powder and black pepper. I make it weekly and store it in a glass jar) 

-Cinnamon supplement (this website describes the benefit well => Cinnamon) I get really sore sometimes from workout and this helps with the muscle inflation. I add it in some almond milk.

-Lots of garlic and ginger in my dishes, they are amazing ingredient for your well being

- Amla supplement in my smoothies (benefit=> Amla) I don't mind eating the fruit itself but it's not available in Orlando so I put the powder in the smoothie which has a special taste lol that I am not a big fan of but it's totally worth it. 

I haven't taken a single medication paracetamol included for years. I am a big believer in natural remedies and cure all my cold and stuff with it. You can simply google it and you'll find some amazing recipes especially on "Indian" website.  

POINT: You are what you eat, for me, doing this physical/mental change was to feel good from the inside which would automatically reflect on the outside. It takes time, effort and awareness. I keep saying it but it's all about balance, and mental balance plays a big role here. For us women, our body always changes, when we wake up till when we go to sleep, so don't be extra paranoid if you look a little bloated or feel like you gained weight, don't be so hard on yourself. Embrace your body at its every stage! 

THERE IS NOT WRITTEN LAW about how a women should look like, I feel like with social media nowadays we pressurize ourself a lot and that will lead to a stressful kinda sad life because we comparing ourselves with other women. Ladies, let's not be so harsh on ourselves, let's not judge ourselves that easily. Find out what will make you love yourself first, then simply work towards it! 

So that's it, hope this helps you find a good balance in your life! If you have specific questions, just leave a comment or email me :)