A Parisian in Washington DC with Melrose Georgetown

Pants: QUIZ - Sweater: QUIZ (Use Alpa20 to save $$$)

Pants: QUIZ (use Alpa20 for discount) 

Bonjour my Beauties, so I recently had the opportunity to head to Washington DC partnering with the  Melrose Georgetown Hotel and as you can see in the photos, I had a fantastic time!

Not only the hotel was beautiful with the most amazing service throughout my stay, but the weather was so pleasant that I actually got to wear Fall clothes, and I also had some sweet museum, dining, monuments exploring experience.

Throughout my photos, you will find some outfits I wore with the link to shop it, some architecture photos because this city is so beautiful along with some shots of the beautiful hotel.

Let's talk a bit about my accommodation, honestly if you are going to Washington DC, I would really suggest you to stay in this hotel and here are the reason why, I experienced it all myself so just giving you my honest opinion. My photographer and I love to walk everywhere to explore and find some cool things to do or shoot on the way, and this hotel was located in the perfect place, we could walk to Georgetown or to downtown (where the white house, museums and all the monuments are) and when our feet started hurting the uber always came within 2 min. The hotel is obviously beautiful but the rooms are also really nice and spacious, with all the amenities you need as well as the most comfortable bed. It has a gym and one of the best part was the famous restaurant  "Jardenea" located right in the hotel lobby. I LOVE when the hotel has a great restaurant because it's so convenient. We actually had dinner their the first night we arrived and we both felt like we could not have started our DC journey a better way. The meal was just delicious! So fresh and tasty, there is a reason why they got voted best Farm-to-table restaurant. We loved it so much that we also decided to order it as room service on of the night :) (also the service was unbelievable, thank you Steeve & Derek)

So yeh, if you want to go to DC and have an amazing experience, definitely check Melrose Georgetown Hotel, you won't be disappointed.

Now here are other things I would recommend you to do:

-If you like French food, go eat at Le diplomate (we actually went twice, that's how good it was)
-Walk as much as you can especially Georgetown because it's so beautiful
-Take a night walk around the monuments, it's stunning by night and almost no tourist
-Must go to Smithsonian National Museum of National History, it's free so go as soon as it open to avoid long line
-Visit the Renwick Gallery, the exhibition changes all the time but all the themes are cool

We had limited time, so could not do everything we wanted but here are some things that I want to do but due to the short time, it was not possible:

-Eat at Minibar, it looks fantastic but you need to book this experience way in advance.
-Do all the other museum and memorials like Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum etc
-Go to the Smithsonian Zoo

Voila Voila! Hope you enjoyed this article as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thank you to Melrose Georgetown Hotel for this beautiful experience and I can't wait to be back!