Four Seasons Orlando: The Sleep Ritual Massage Experience

Bonjour my Beauties, so today I am going to share my experience about the latest massage experience offered at the Four Seasons Orlando called "The Sleep Ritual Massage" As the title says it, it's basically a massage that helps you relax and be ready for a good night sleep developed in partnership with Robert Michael deStefano, a sleep wellness expert. We actually had the pleasure to chat with him and trust me he knows what he is talking about and I could totally relate to his technique as I do some of it for myself at home.

So as you can see, when Four Seasons Orlando host an event, they go all out with custom PJ's, light bite with a beautiful table setting, prosecco, champagne, wine and to top it off a beautiful view along with amazing company. 

After all that, we went for our Sleep Ritual Massage at their amazing spa. My therapist was Les Noll and he was fantastic. The massage was 80 min and it included breathing techniques, stretching, sleep inducing botanical scents, an amazing massage of course, so amazing that I fell sleep on the massage bed in the last 10 min (could not resist) along with the perfect selection of music. I honestly have never heard a relaxing playlist like this, it really transported me into a dreamy world haha. After the massage, I was so ready to hop into my bed, I felt really good and the smell of the oil left on my skin was very soothing. Also to continue our journey of staying relaxed, they gave us a DreamKit to take home (photo above) that contains all the products used during the massage so that's super cool (I sprayed the dream mist in my whole room when I came back home :) The DreamKit is included in the "Sleep Ritual Massage)

I did a story on my Instagram that I left in my highlight as I wanted you to see it in case you missed it =>@alpa.rama

And if you want to read more details about this Sleep Ritual Massage, head right here =>Achieve a Blissfull Night's Sleep

I loved the massage and seriously recommend you to try it, it's so innovative and it's the first time I experienced something like this. 

Merci Four Seasons Orlando for this experience, you read my mind of being more relaxed as I was feeling kind of exhausted mentally from work and physically from work outs :)