Jane Winchester Necklace Heaven

Chain: Pearl & Long Chain
Pendant: Lucky, Love, Joy

Chain: Long Chain & Leather cord arrives with the pendant
Pendant: Joy,Forever

Chain: Charm Necklace & Leather cord arrives with the pendant
Pendant: Peace

Chain: Baby Chain & Leather cord arrives with the pendant
Pendant: PeaceLucky

Chain: Baby Chain & Bead Chain
Pendant: LuckyStrong

Bonjour my Beauties and welcome to the Jane Winchester paradise ! As you all know through my daily outfits on Instagram, I am a huge fan of golden necklace, it's definitely the first accessory I think about to bring the extra unique chic touch to my outfit and when I came across this brand, I was so excited to try it out because everything looked so pretty.

I styled for you 5 different outfits, from chic to casual and from day to night to show you how versatile her jewelry is, how much you'll be able to wear and have a different look every single time. I say versatile because you can have one pendant (or two because I love to layer it) but then wear it with multiple different chains which gives that versatility as you can see in the photos above. It can be gold chain, leather cord or colored cords even. And oh yeh, also you can wear the coin both ways, one side is a logo and the other is words such as: Love, Free, Lucky, Forever etc... HOW COOL!

It's really well made, I mean the coins pendant for example are made of recycled brass dipped in 14k gold, so definitely a piece of jewelry you will keep forever.

I am in love with this brand and you are going to see me wear this very often. This would be such  pretty gift as well for someone as charm style jewelry are very popular and this would be different and unique. When I wore this necklace, I got stopped a lot by women that were asking me where to buy this.

I have listed all the necklaces and pendant I am wearing under each look to avoid confusion so click on the link to shop it and also check out their website because beside beautiful pendants and necklace, they also have stunning earrings and rings as well => JANE WINCHESTER 

Happy Shopping because this should be part of you accessory collection!