Hedoine Girl

Bonjour my Beauties, hope you are doing amazing! I am so excited to share with you the accessory I wore the most while I was back in France. You seriously have no idea how many pairs I got. It was an "Indispensable" thing and that thing is tights! 

Yes tights, wearing it with skirts, dresses and the perfect pair of stilettos, boots or flats. One issue I always faced was the fact that it would always rip on the first wear, to be honest it was annoying and after I moved I kinda gave up looking for one until I discovered Hedoine.

I received all three pairs that they offer, "The bold" "The nudes" "The Edgy" and in the photos, I am wearing the bold and the nude shade vivid champagne. The nudes are perfect when the weather gets a little chilly or you want to have flawless legs. My ultimate favorite are the black pair, I LOVE the look it gives, makes your legs never ending, and it has such a chic feel to it.

The reason why I love Hedoine so much is because not only they are extra resistant, but they are also seamless, very soft, they offer a low/high waistband which is great when you wearing tighter clothes, machine washable, and made in Italy so you know it's a quality product and the best part is it's super affordable, they retail for approximately $37 (you can use my code ALPA for 30% extra on top to save some $$)  A must have if you're like me and love the chic touch tights give!

Voila! Hope you enjoyed this post, I was so excited to share about it. Check out their website Hedoine and don't forget to use code ALPA for 30% off :)

IGTV video about it: Right Here