Mister Everest in Barc London

Bonjour ladies, can I first start by saying how enthusiastic I am to feature the little love of my life. Mister Everest recently received a gift from BARC LONDON and he looks so fabulous in it that a photoshoot was required you know :) 

He really enjoyed walking in his new harness as you can see in the photos. For me his comfort is everything but if you can add into it the amazing quality, the luxury and trendy aspect of it with the design then what to ask more for your beloved four legged baby.

Pssssttt and it's affordable as well :)

They have so many fun COLORS to choose from and also if you have a French bulldog like me then the harness is so perfect, airy as in Florida it gets pretty warm, great quality, so easy to put on and adjust. Mine was rolling all over the grass with it so I can tell he was enjoying it :)

Another thing I was really amazed at was the hook on the leash, it's so well made with a great aesthetic and so smooth to use compare to several other leash I owned. 

So are you ready to treat your Pup ? I mean have you ever seen a collar with rose gold metal in it :)

You can check out their website right here: BARC LONDON and here are the items I got:

Happy Pup Shopping! Because aren't we all obsessed with our furry baby...