Perfect holiday gift: Clive Christian Perfume



Bonjour my beauties, hope you are doing well. You know I have been an ambassador for Clive Christian so it was obvious that it would be part of my holiday gift idea. I absolutely love their fragrance, it's so luxury from the packaging to the smell. Very unique for sure, I always get asked from people on the street where is my perfume from. I have by now my own little collection and here is what I suggest as the perfect holiday gift for his and hers:

Clive Christian 1872 candle collection - I am featuring it in the photo above, it comes in the most beautiful packaging, very luxurious, any candle fan would love this.

Clive Christian private collection travel size - I am featuring it as well in the photo above, this is a perfect gift to discover CLIVE's private collection.

Clive Christian around the world travel set - Ideal as well to discover different fragrances from the brand and perfect for someone that travels a lot 

Clive Christian travel case - A must if you are going to get the travel set. Such a beautiful case.  

Clive Christian anniversary collection  - My ultimate favorite fragrance, the blue of the bottle is beautiful and I love the feminine and masculine version. Perfect gift for a couple!

Voila I hope you enjoyed my gift selection, they also have many holiday gift set available that you can check out right now at Clive Christian

Happy Shopping