Personal shopping : - Come with me (or let me do the work) for a personal shopping experience that correspond to your need, we'll discuss about the latest trend and the key piece to have in your wardrobe. 

Closet Organization : If you are tired of looking at your closet and saying "I don't know what to wear" or "I have nothing to wear", I will help you  reorganizing your closet, help you create different looks with what you have and take out the piece that you know you will never wear.

Skype consulting: I offer fashion consulting over skype, a great way to know all about the topic. We could go through your closet while chatting about yourself, your preference, styling tips, your actual piece, latest trend and eventually organize your closet and add the missing key items. A very informative and quick way to know all about fashion! 

Custom Accessorize Box: I absolutely love jewelry and different accessories out there in the market, and what I love even more is incorporating them in my daily outfits, it gives you that extra little touch. So I offer this service for all the accessories lover that either need suggestions or just simply don't have time to go shop. I will create a custom box with everything you need in their after consulting you! 

Price upon request at alpa.rama@gmail.com


Blogger package, includes: -post on this blog with write-up and high-resolution pictures usable by the brand as long as credited.
-Post on Instagram: @alpa.rama
 Facebook: A Parisian in America
 Twitter: @Alpa_Ra
 Pinterest: Alpa R

Instagram package, includes: pictures only on Instagram with required credit and hashtag

Event Hosting package, includes: fashion events, trend talk, hosting blogger workshop....

Youtube package, includes: video on my page (Alpa Rama) dedicated to the brand for product review etc... 

Fashion Videos, promotion of your brand throughout the media of videography. 

Modeling for fashion, photographer portfolio, hair & beauty 


Contact at: alpa.rama@gmail.com for the travel media kit

 For more information please request my media kit at alpa.rama@gmail.com

For any other info  I am contactable at : alpa.rama@gmail.com